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Page 24 of 51 23 pursuant to Secwepemc jurisdiction • Improving the legal profession's under- standing of applying Canadian law to Indig- enous nations, families, and communities "I've had some tremendous losses, and many of those losses had profound impacts on the individual clients; the worst losses I've had involved Indigenous children and the inability to return them to their communities after sustained litigation and appeals, which had catastrophic consequences for them, their families, and communities," explains Hensel. "But it highlighted first to the communities, and me, how unsafe it was to place these deci- sions before Canadian courts," she continues. "And then the work that followed brought us to where Canada is today, not my work exclusively, but I'd like to think I played some role in it." Redefining professional limits – David Palumbo The Baker McKenzie principal inspires those around him to believe in an inclusive future where 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians belong, whether in the legal profession, society, or sports. Palumbo has been a pioneering catalyst for change, recognizing the importance of keeping the momentum going in the right direction and leading with unmatched passion and drive. "Everything that I've done is about always "Every case, file, or role you take on, keep your long-term objectives in mind, but fully serve in the role you've been given the privilege of occupying with as much integrity as you can" Katherine Hensel, Fogler, Rubinoff LLP seeking to progress while acknowledging there's a danger in terms of the perfection we may strive for, that it has to be 100% or nothing," remarks Palumbo. "It's about recognizing that you must act and adapt," he adds. "I've always been mindful of the pragmatism and the practicality, which has been equally applicable in my legal prac- tice, the non-profit space, and the inclusion work I've done for Baker McKenzie as part of the global effort for the firm." Palumbo's leading advocacy for the inclu- sion of 2SLGBTQI+ individuals within his firm, the legal community, and the sports world include: • You Can Play board chairperson, dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging in sports for all, regardless of sexual orienta- tion or gender identity/expression • Co-chairperson for AIDSbeat/CANFAR Rocks, raising nearly $5 million for the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research • Global chairperson of BakerPride + Allies business resource group, ensuring a true sense of belonging for members of the 2SLGBTQI+ community within the firm "We have 76 advocacy offices around the world because sometimes we have to focus on the safety of our people in certain challenging jurisdictions and, hopefully, society has benefited from those efforts," he explains. "I can say that I belong at the firm, and it's a great place for that, but I know not every- body is there yet; hopefully, we can continue to deliver further impact." Disrupting norms and empowering women – Jacqueline Dinsmore Her zest for disruption has pushed the boundaries of traditional legal norms within her law practice and as a role model for other women aspiring to impact the legal and busi- ness worlds positively. As co-owner and managing partner at Caravel Law LLP, Dinsmore has led tech- nological change and instituted novel approaches that catapulted the firm through all-time highs in growth and revenue. "In everything I do, I'm a bit of a pot stirrer, and I love the disruption that comes with that because, without disruption, there can't be innovation," she explains. "The disruption we've done at Caravel has made clients and lawyers look at our profes- sion differently," she continues. "I like to think that we have made the profession better for women, in particular, which excites me." Dinsmore prioritizes women's success and generously shares her expertise, knowledge, and time in a variety of ways, including: • Opportunity International Canada board member, providing microfinance loans, training and support to women entrepre- neurs in developing countries • World Vision's Power of Her board member, focusing on eliminating the barriers women and girls face in achieving equality • Co-founded the prosperous children's clothing line, FlapJackKids "In all my activities, I'm always thinking of how we can change to make it better, how can we disrupt it," notes Dinsmore. "And with the cause that is near and dear to my heart, how we can make things better for women, whether they are lawyers or entrepreneurs."

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