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August/September 2021

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Page 22 of 43 21 Right-sized Thinking® • 1-800-323-3781 • C A N A D I A N L AW Y E R M A G A Z I N E 2021-22 TOP 10 ONTARIO FIRMS 2021-22 TOP 10 ONTARIO FIRMS At Pallett Valo LLP we give you what you need, not what you don't. With our flexibility and the right expertise in a variety of business law areas, we provide you with a legal solution that is tailored to suit you – all without compromising service or quality. If you want legal representation that's just the right fit for you, try on our Right-sized Thinking®. The Right Fit Matters publicly traded companies to talk about social issues in a much more forceful way, and I am very happy about that. The issue for me is, we now play a much more prominent role in social issues than we ever have. I think that is where our legal groups can challenge once again, because we can actually push the organizations by giving them that permission to shine our collective lights into some of the darker parts of the internet and our society. So, I think that is the biggest opportunity we have. Pon: I am actually in the middle of taking a course on governance, because the governance department is now in my portfolio. In terms of our governance work, we are currently undergo- ing a bylaw review, and this year we decided to embed equity into an analysis of our governance procedures. It is different, it is challenging, and there is not a lot written about that. We are working with our board of trustees who are elected officials of that, to give their analysis. We also have an integrity commissioner doing her analysis as well. And that initial conversation helps guide the discussion that carries on with the rest of the bylaw reviews. "I am also looking to speak to my external firms about their diversity and inclusion programs to hold them accountable, and to make sure that they have sustainable pipelines of talent from all walks of life and all backgrounds." Lilac Bosma, HSBC Bank Canada

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