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30 FEATURE WE ALL have a sense of our personal worth in the workplace and, sometimes, it can feel as if our valuable experience, strong commitment and innovative ideas are being taken for granted. At Agency Iceberg, I meet a lot of people facing this situation. They suspect they aren't being supported by their managers, they're being underpaid for their knowledge and input or they're being overlooked for well-deserved promotions. From my experience working for eight years in the recruitment industry, my team and I have found that there are nine key signs that suggest you're being undervalued by your employer. If they sound familiar, it could be time to speak up or move on. 1. The numbers aren't stacking up In the current economic climate, pay raises aren't vast. But if you're constantly stuck with getting just the minimum cost-of-living raise while your peers get bumped up for a similar job, you might not be getting the financial reward you deserve. With the internet, it's not hard to compare your earnings with what others in the same role are getting. Do the research, and you'll have tangible evidence Nine signs you're being undervalued at work If receiving text messages and countless emails on the weekend from your boss doesn't sound out of place, it's a sign you're being overworked to back your case. Another one to watch is bonuses. Did your colleagues get a flash of cash that you missed? If there's no logical reason why you were skipped over, there could be unfairness at play. 2. Your performance and pay reviews are constantly postponed If your annual performance and remunera- tion review keeps getting put off another week, month or a few months, with lots of excuses from management (and no guar- antee of back pay), you're being taken for a ride. The longer you don't get a pay raise, the more you're working at a higher skill for the company's benefit. Does it seem like your contributions are not being appreciated by your employer? Anna O'Dea highlights nine warning signs

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