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Top Sexual Abuse Lawyers Join the Gluckstein Firm. For Simona Jellinek, giving a voice to those who don't have one has become her calling. For over 25 years, she has focused her Toronto personal injury practice almost exclusively on the area of sexual abuse law, advocating for those who need it most. "Helping the most vulnerable in our society is really important to me," says Jellinek. "It makes a difference in people's lives, and that's why I stick with it." She is joined in her practice by Erin Ellis, an experienced civil litigator who stresses the importance of being compassionate and providing great client service to survivors. "We've always emphasized being approachable, and that's something that's really worked," says Ellis. "We talk to each client to figure out what will be the best route for them. There's validation for them in being able to be heard, to stand up, and to make a difference." Jellinek and Ellis recently joined Gluckstein Lawyers, bringing their experience and expertise in sexual abuse law to the fast-growing Ontario personal injury firm. Founded in 1962 by Bernard Gluckstein, the law firm has expanded in recent years to now serve clients from offices in Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa, and Barrie. Charles Gluckstein has been at the forefront of this expan- sion and sees the importance of adding Jellinek and Ellis's expertise to the firm. "Cases that involve a sexual abuse are horrific and really need to be handled by personal injury lawyers with a great understanding of the law in this area to get the best results," says Gluckstein. "We're thrilled to welcome Simona and Erin, two leaders in sexual abuse law, and to be able to give a greater voice to sexual abuse survivors throughout Ontario." Simona Jellinek has built a reputation as a pioneer in sexual abuse law in Canada. She has advocated for better legislation governing sexual abuse and had a hand in eliminating limitation periods for sexual abuse cases in Ontario. Her reputation for compassionate care has led to a steady stream of referrals over the years from a wide network of lawyers who trust her and her team to provide them with exceptional service. Maintaining this high level of client service is important to Jellinek and was a key consideration when joining Gluckstein Lawyers. "The team at Gluckstein Lawyers really cares deeply about clients, and that's very important to me," she says. "The name of our practice may have changed, but its essence has remained the same." For Ellis, joining Gluckstein Lawyers improves her ability to help plaintiffs. "We will be able to efficiently advocate for our clients, giving us the ability to help more people," says Ellis. "Clients now have access to more lawyers and resources that we can tap into and that's very exciting." Sexual abuse lawyers Simona Jellinek and Erin Ellis head up Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein in Toronto, the newest addition to the Gluckstein Lawyers family. ADVERTORIAL

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