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Page 40 of 43 39 ability to perform. When an individual feels overwhelmed, they will put their head down and retreat to their silo. Collaboration ceases, communication stagnates. This will frustrate others who are dependent on their interaction. Leaders need to be mindful of their delegation and coaching strategies. Does the employee have trouble saying no? Does the employee have a skills gap that is impeding performance? Silos our unhappy demeanour, further alienating us. One of the primary responsibilities of leaders is to create safety and a sense of belonging for team members. Simple rituals like weekly team meetings, acknowledging individuals, and occa- sional celebrations of milestones — both personal and professional — can go a long way towards galvanising team cohesion. Humans are sensitive. The more we become aware of what matters to us — power, position, place and performance — the easier it will be to plan workplace interactions that are uplifting rather than corrosive. Leaders need to be mindful and explicit in making and communicating decisions. Being as inclusive and consultative as possible can help decrease employees' sense of powerlessness Zoë Routh is Australia's leadership expert specialising in 'people stuff.' She shows leaders and teams struggling with silos and office politics how to work better together. She is the author of People Stuff: Beyond Personality Problems — An Advanced Handbook for Leadership. are often a symptom of being overwhelmed rather than of deliberate selfishness. Loss of place Of all the triggers, loss of place and a sense of belonging are the most hurtful. We experience social exclusion as physical pain (Macdonald and Leary, 2005). We retreat into our shell and shut down to protect ourselves. We are sensitive and morose. Others may avoid us because of

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