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school is not currently equipped to handle mental-health issues," she says. "Going for advice lands you with some- one telling you to exercise and eat well — clearly not someone who understands the incredible damage caused by a his- tory like Wendy's." Osgoode is working to change this by leadership ought to actively promote this service in an attempt to break down the stigma that exists around needing or ask- ing for help from someone else, hiring a counsellor this year to help stu- dents with the transition into law school. The counsellor will support students in distress by identifying issues, interven- ing when necessary, and providing holis- tic treatment, says Mya Bulwa, Osgoode's assistant dean, students. Aſter witnessing her friend's battle, Aubrey has plenty of suggestions on how law schools can better accommodate students with mental-health issues. First, she says there should be accessible coun- selling. "By accessible counselling I mean access to trained professionals with no waiting list, at no cost, on campus, all year round. It should be well advertised to students, especially first-year stu- dents. The administration and student istration need to recognize how difficult the transition into law school can be and learn how to respond to this reality ap- propriately, Secondly, "professors and the admin- " she says. says some of the material in her first- year criminal law course was disturbing but her professor openly discussed this with the class, which made her and her classmates feel more comfortable. She recommends all professors take this ap- proach. She also suggests that faculty and " she says. For example, she which really took a toll on her near the end of her life. Rameysh Karu, a recent graduate students improve their outlook towards people with mental-health issues and respond appropriately. This could be achieved by having faculty take train- ing on how to deal with a student who discloses a problem and finding ways to make the student body more accepting of those who are different. She mentions that a few students had bullied Babcock, of Western University's Faculty of Law, has had his own personal struggles with mental illness. He was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as ADHD, aſter his first year of law school. He says the law school was very accommodating and provided him with the academic support he needed, but he didn't get the same response from the legal profession. He recalls an interview he had with a law firm. "I went to an interview where I mentioned I have ADHD and I was told by the interviewer that I should never disclose that unless I have a very good explanation for how I've overcome the condition," he says. "When we were being prepped to go to interviews, we were told not to wear our hair in particular ways, not to dress particular ways — very much in terms of how to behave — and I think part of that was about not sticking out in any way, FIND YOUR WAY THROUGH THE MAZE OF STATUTES AND REGULATIONS NEW EDITION UPDATING STATUTES AND REGULATIONS FOR ALL CANADIAN JURISDICTIONS, 5TH EDITION NaNcy MccorMack aNd NatHaLIe LéoNard Finding out whether a statute has been amended or a regulation has been revoked is an essential part of accurate research. The new expanded fifth edition of Updating Statutes and Regulations for All Canadian Jurisdictions gives you step-by-step instructions for updating legislation. Each chapter in this bilingual guide covers a separate Canadian jurisdiction and shows you how to research the history of or update public acts and regulations. When multiple sources are available to answer a question, they are listed. You also get instructions on how to find bills and how to check for proclamations. Get the practical guidance that will help ensure that your legal research is accurate. NEW IN THIS EDITION • Information on older statutes, along with indexes, tables, schedules and other finding tools available in older volumes • New section on Legislative History that shows you how to trace legislation by chapter number and trace the history of specific sections • How to find local and private acts • How to use online and print sources to update statutes and regulations ORDER # 984932 $85 Softcover 978-0-7798-4932-1 Shipping and handling are extra. Price subject to change without notice and subject to applicable taxes. AVAILABLE RISK-FREE Call Toll-Free: 1-800-387-5164 In Toronto: 416-609-3800 FOR 30 DAYS Order online at 480 pages March 2012 " 20 F A L L 2012 C ANADIAN Lawy er 4STUDENTS

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