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PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT # 40766500 PUBL PUBL UBL PUB PU PU PU PU ICAT ICAT ICAT CAT CAT ICAT AT C I NS IONS ONS IONS O IO IO MAI MAI MAI A MA MA M L AG L AG AG L AG L AG A L REEM REEM REEM REEM REEM REEM REEM EEM EM R T T ENT ENT EN E # 40 # 40 40 # 40 # 40 40 4 # 7665 7665 7665 7665 7665 665 665 65 65 6 66 7 0 00 00 00 00 00 0 $ 1 0 A p r i l 2 0 1 6 TECH SUPPORT ARE PLATFORMS COMING TO LEGAL? P.18 CALGARY CITY REPORT OIL TOWN LAWYERS SHOWING RESILIENCE P.34 PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT # 40766500 Tom Heintzman James LeNoury Avi Sirlin Scott Hutchison Jonathan Dawe Supreme dress rehearsal For 10 years, volunteers at the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute have been prepping lawyers to face the pressure cooker of litigating at the top court.

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