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REAL ESTATE LAW BEWARE HOME BUYER ASKING QUESTIONS CAN HELP HOME BUYERS AVOID UNEXPECTED COSTS BY GRETCHEN DRUMMIE Laredo, principal of Laredo Law. "I don't think anything should be thought of as a stupid question or not to bother with. But you should ask whatever you want; it's your big- gest investment." I 18 t may be a cliché, but a Toronto real estate lawyer has a simple message when you're buying a new home: "Buyer beware, because what you see may not always be what you get," says Lisa Laredo. "You should always try to deal with as many issues as you can before you close the deal," says In fact, Laredo says becoming as informed as possible can save a home buyer down the road in disastrous unex- pected costs and issues with the property itself. Laredo notes that lot lines are an often-overlooked problem that can crop up after closing — too late. "The most important fact is you may not be able to break a deal," she says. "People will walk in and they'll see the house, the fence, the dimensions and then later on after closing, they may find with a survey they're missing a foot and a half, or the

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