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HAS YOUR DISABILITY CLAIM BEEN DENIED? SHARE LAWYERS Free Consultation/No fees unless we win your case Y ou are not alone. Every year, thousands of sick, injured, and disabled Canadians are turned down by their insurers. Their insurance policies are valid, they've paid their premiums — and their injuries or illnesses are serious. But they are turned down anyway. Is this legal? "Unfortunately, it is," says Toronto insurance litigation lawyer David Share. "The insurers often take refuge in legal language and wait to see if their clients are willing to fi ght back. In too many cases, in order for a disabled person to fi nally get their benefi ts, they have to take legal action. Their lawyer has to have the experience to come out on top." If your disability claim has been denied, Share Lawyers, an insurance litigation fi rm, speaks out for people who are denied their insurance benefi ts. Don't be a victim, let us fi ght for you. "You or your company paid premiums to protect your income in the event of a health challenge. Now the worst has happened and your doctor has informed you that you are unable to work. You have the right to expect your insurer to honour their contract with you — period." 12 Share Lawyers has sued all the major Canadian insurers on behalf of clients suffering from everything from chronic migraines to fi bromyalgia to cancer. They were all turned down by their insurers. If your benefi ts are denied, or if your insurer is playing games with you, consulting a law fi rm specializing in You have the right to expect your insurer to honour their contract with you. disability would be a wise choice. "When my disability claim was denied I was shocked… and so I took action. My case was deemed to be without merit by several law fi rms. Then I found Share Lawyers. They were a godsend. The settlement allowed us to pay off our mortgage and for me to live at home with dignity," says disability client Kelli-Ann Wolfe. If your claim has been denied, you may discover that talking to your insurance company is like talking to a brick wall — if you can even get them on the phone. 2. The fi rm understands the insurers from experience. Consider your advantage working with a skilled and experienced law fi rm that has dealt with this same issue and this same insurer many times in the past. 3. Professionalism. Work with a law fi rm that answers the phone, returns your calls when you leave a message, and treats you with empathy and courtesy. For a free copy of "Benefi ts Denied — What To Do When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Disability Claim" call 416-488-9000 or 1-888-777-1109. Here are the three things to look for in selecting a disability law fi rm: 1. A reputable disability law fi rm will work with you on the basis that no fees will be charged until the case is settled. INSURANCE LITIGATION

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