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There are costs associated with death. This book helps you deal with them now – and spare your loved ones the burden. When I Die: Financial Planning for Life and Death 2015 walks you through all the questions you need to be asking to prepare your tax information for death. Guided by tips and strategies, charts and frequently asked questions and answers, you'll gain insight into your financial situation and discover ways to reduce the "after death" tax bite. Plus, you'll have a ready record for your family and executor for the timely execution of your will. Ensure the best possible outcome for your survivors by working through this book. It's there for them when you're not. AUTHORITATIVE. INNOVATIVE. TRUSTED. Available risk-free for 30 days Order online: Call Toll-Free: 1-800-387-5164 In Toronto: 416-609-3800 Order # 986345-65203 $35.95 Softcover approx. 150 pages July 2014 978-0-7798-6345-7 Multiple copy discounts available. Shipping and handling are extra. Price(s) subject to change without notice and subject to applicable taxes. New Edition When I Die: Financial Planning for Life and Death 2015 Garry R. Duncan, FCPA, FCA, CFP It will be there for them when you're not 00221ZA-A45515

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