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November 2021

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Page 36 of 43 35 FEATURE PRODUCTIVITY THERE'S A horror story out there. Man is feeling overwhelmed, begins compiling a to-do list. Three bullets turn into 10. Ten bullets turn into 20. Moments later, he finds himself in hand-to-hand combat with a to-do list so long and so vast it resembles the spiralling tentacles of a giant squid. He loads himself up with enough caffeine to fuel an entire city and begins his slow, tedious descent to the bottom, crossing each line off the to-do list one at a time. Shortly into his battle, he makes a terrifying realiz- ation: The to-do list is like a regenerating monster right out of a terror flick — for each line he crosses off, another three lines appear at the bottom. He screams. He jumps out of his office window. Thankfully, he is on the first floor, so he essentially just steps into a large shrub, scaring a small family of opossums. As he begins to sob hysterically, he hears the unravelling of the wretched to-do list drawing ever closer. He turns, it envelops him, then pulls him back into the deep, dark depths of his office. He is consumed by a monster of his own creation. Race to the bottom Nearly all of us have fallen victim to the endless to-do list at least once in our lives. Feeling buried under a to-do list that will never be done? You're not alone. Aytekin Tank explains why you're better off without it Ditch your to-do list

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