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20 READERS' CHOICE AWARDS 2021: CELEBRATING THE BEST IN CLASS need to having things properly translated keeps getting stronger and stronger." He adds that speed of translation and accuracy are among the top qualities that law firms are looking for in a transla- tion service. But having a choice is also a factor — firms want different price points and timelines for varying levels of trans- lating a document into one language or another. Sometimes, getting the basic understanding of a document is all that is needed, while other times, the highest level of accuracy and nuance is necessary. As for speed, Kalaci notes that artificial intelligence has become increasingly a part of the translation service sector. But we're not talking Google Translate here, he says. Instead, Alexa's proprietary translation software reflects specialized areas such as business law, how a language has evolved and which idioms are used. However, while AI helps to get a good first draft that is, for Canadian French, say about 90 per cent accurate, Kalaci says, "you' ll also need a team of professional translators who are legally trained to really close the loop effectively." Other languages that are more "unusual," such as Indone- sian Bahasa, may take more time to trans- late accurately and might require using a freelance or contract translator that Alexa keeps on its roster. Aside from Canadian French, other popular languages for trans- lation include Spanish, Chinese, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and then another tier of languages that include Arabic, Russian and Italian. Always having the correct forms at your fingertips Filing documents with the court can be a finicky business, says Alan Bass, CEO of YOU REALLY, REALLY LIKE US Companies that received the highest positive response rates from our readers says — becoming "a small world after all." And one sign of how the world is becoming more connected is the need for translation services that consider an increasing number of languages. "Translation is one of the strongest growing industries, increasing in the double digits every year," says Gary Kalaci, CEO at Alexa Transla- tions and Alexa Translations AI, one of the Readers' Choice winners in the translation and interpretation services category. "It is not just in the legal industry. If you think of a globalized world, [and hence] more organizations with products and services, the SPECIAL REPORT CanLII online legal research, primary law LexisNexis® Canada legal research, print and e-books Editions Yvon Blais, Thomson Reuters legal research, print and e-books Dragon Naturally Speaking, Nuance Communications dictation and transcription services Nudorra Capital litigation loans Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada title insurance CBRE commercial real estate, tenant representation ACL Family Law, Korbitec specific software solutions, family law eCan Immigration Software, Kayzworks Corp. specific software solutions, immigration law ChildView® specific software solutions, family law 40.25% 35.68% 33.59% 31.18% 29.43% 29.08% 28.6% 27.74% 27.46% 27.03%

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