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34 FEATURE LEADERSHIP Being an effective leader is one of the hardest challenges to achieve in the workplace. Lisa Stephenson outlines six ways to ensure that leadership teams are set up for success WE ALL know the right language when it comes to leadership and high-performing teams. No one would argue that leadership teams across all industries need vision, inno- vation and an ability to adapt constantly. Our expectations of our leaders have never been higher than they are today. When you take individuals and ask them to be a team of leaders that can inspire and achieve results, you are handing them a collective mammoth challenge. Here are six strategies you can use to strengthen your leadership team. 1 Make the development of your leadership team an important project Investing in your leadership team is the most important investment you will make. Strengthen your leadership team Think of their learning like you would a crit- ical project for the business. Set deadlines and consult experts who will support their success. Create a vision for success, iden- tify blockers and review their progress. Fill their toolboxes with support and hold them accountable to their roles. 2 Ask your leaders to do what others aren't prepared to do The world is full of leaders who start out with great intentions — but intention isn't the same as results, and it doesn't guarantee great people leadership. Successful leaders do what's required. They keep going even when it's hard and they don't want to. They don't wait and they don't give in. They are resilient and emotionally healthy when it's really needed.

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