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Page 40 of 43 39 coach. That book continues to evolve and grow, years later. The minute you think you have it all figured out or you forget to be curious is the minute your skills start to diminish. 5. Understand the importance of culture When I first started leading a team, I thought it was all about strategy and execution. I had no idea how important the culture was to the results of the team. On my Follow My Lead podcast, Step Up Leadership founder Jason Barger told me, "Culture is everything." Culture is really all about the beliefs and behaviours that along the road." The same goes for leadership — if you ask any successful leader, they always will have had a great mentor to ask questions and learn from. 4. Discover a love of learning The best leaders are learners. PJ Fleck, the current head football coach at the University of Minnesota, became the youngest head coach in college football in 2012. By that time, he had built out a book of lessons he learned during the seven years he spent as an assistant coach. The lessons were things he did or didn't do when he became a head Leadership is about serving and empowering other people. No longer do you come to work for yourself or for your own self-interest John Eades is the CEO of LearnLoft, a full- service organizational health company whose mission is to turn managers into leaders and create healthier places to work. He is a speaker, host of the Follow My Lead podcast, and author of F.M.L.: Standing Out & Being a Leader and the upcoming book The Welder Leader. For more, visit produce the results of any team or organization. The word "culture" actually comes from the Latin word cultus, which means "to grow." In today's modern business environment, that really means "to grow people." Put an emphasis on and define the culture you want to create for your new team. Before you accept your first leadership position and the responsibility that comes with managing other people, consider these five skills and behaviours. If you're already leading a team, it's never too late to start.

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