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Page 28 of 51 27 © 2020 Thomson Reuters Canada Limited TR963927-NK Get a leading comprehensive treatment of the law of evidence Available risk-free for 45 days Online: | Call Toll-Free: +1 800 387 5164 | In Toronto: 416 609 3800 30847028 $673 2 volume looseleaf supplemented book Anticipated upkeep cost – $543 per supplement (3-5 per year) Supplements invoiced separately The Law of Witnesses and Evidence in Canada (formerly Witnesses) is a leading comprehensive treatment of the law of evidence as it applies to evidence given by witnesses in civil and criminal proceedings, as well as before administrative tribunals, public inquiries, and legislative committees. This practical reference work provides coverage of evidentiary issues and expert analysis as they arise in these types of proceedings. This completely revised work introduces 11 new chapters on a variety of topics and continues the standards of excellence established by Witnesses, originally authored by Alan W. Mewett and Peter Sankoff. Individual chapters examine testimonial evidence under subjects such as competence, compellability, compelling attendance, examination and cross-examination, and privilege. Special topics receive specifi c coverage in dedicated chapters, including: the expert witnesses, the problematic witnesses, the absent witnesses, and witnesses before Parliament. Available as part of the eLooseleaf Library with an integrated search option for WestlawNext Canada subscribers. See all available titles at The Law of Witnesses and Evidence in Canada (formerly Witnesses) Peter Sankoff defence and civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby and civil litigator Brian Shiller. Over the last few years, the firm has added several promi- nent lawyers to the roster. In 2017, Annamaria Enenajor, who was clerk to Chief Justice Richard Wagner of the Supreme Court of Canada, joined the partnership. Enenajor was followed last year by seasoned criminal defence lawyer Stephanie DiGiuseppe, and in 2020, the firm welcomed criminal and consti- tutional litigator Lisa Jørgensen. DiGiuseppe represented the so-called Eaton Centre shooter Christopher Husbands, who was convicted of manslaughter for killing two people and injuring several others in the downtown Toronto mall. Enenajor says the verdict, which was handed down in November It's a massive amount of work and co-ordi- nating schedules between lawyers in Canada and the United States and China and the U.K.," Gottardi says. "It's kind of a Herculean effort to be the mouse — Canada's the little mouse — in between the U.S. and China, two huge superpowers who are fighting over this unfortunate woman, who's a bargaining chip in the middle." Ruby Shiller Enenajor DiGiuseppe, Barristers Toronto Ruby Shiller Enenajor DiGiuseppe Barristers was founded in 2009 by veteran criminal of last year, was one of the few cases in Canadian history to engage the defence of reduced capacity as a result of PTSD. "It turned the focus on the trauma that's faced by inner-city youth through victimiza- tion, poverty, childhood abuse and violence in the community to raise a sustainable defence," Enenajor says. "We have a lot of vulnerable clients that are from marginalized backgrounds and racialized backgrounds," she says. "Really looking at the experience of our clients in their community, and how that impacts their culpability for the crimes that they've committed, is something that we're really interested in raising awareness about and integrating into our defence approach."

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