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Page 14 of 51 13 her career, including what needed to be fixed in the justice system, and who it was meant to serve, and got to work. Her insights meant the technology, as well as those running the system, were designed with the user in mind from the outset, with meaningful input from the community legal advocates who served those users. "One of the things I realized pretty quickly is that if you get a group of lawyers and IT professionals in a room together and have them design something that is meant to be used by the public, they're going to go wildly off base unless they user test." With the COVID-19 pandemic, Salter hopes the success of the CRT will help guide Osgoode's Part-Time Professional LLM WINTER 2021 APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN. If you want to dig deeper and truly excel in your area of practice, the commitment goes beyond billable hours. Immerse yourself in an environment with peers who are as passionate about what they do as you are. Choose from six specializations starting in January 2021: · Administrative Law · Business Law · Constitutional Law · Criminal Law and Procedure · Energy and Infrastructure Law · Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Outside Toronto? All programs can be completed remotely. Learn more about your options at Melanie Toolsie LLB, LLM (Admin Law) Legal Counsel. Department of Justice, Canada a justice system that has been too slow to respond to the needs of those who use it. "I think if there is any silver lining from this devastating pandemic, [it] is that, you know, necessity has always been the mother of invention," she says. The necessity, Salter would no doubt agree, is to harness technology to serve a greater purpose, a purpose that has motivated her throughout her career. "We had very basic dial-up internet, [a] couple of TV channels and no cable. . . . So, it's really quite beyond the realm of anything I could have imagined to be working so much with technology as I am now."

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