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12 FEATURE CROSS EXAMINED apply that I took the chance." Despite her disinterest in technology for the sake of it, Salter quickly saw the CRT position as an opportunity to work on her passions, civil reform and access to justice. Like she did growing up on a farm in British Columbia, she was given an opportunity to think about big issues while starting out with very little. No technology, or even technology com- panies, had been procured, and "there were no staff members or anybody else. There is a group of really committed folks in the Ministry of Justice in B.C., whose brainchild that was, and who I worked really closely with after I was appointed." Salter took the ideas she had developed in ODR AROUND THE WORLD The Civil Resolution Tribunal is the first online dispute resolution tribunal in Canada. Other examples of ODR tribunals are: Utah Court ODR project: Launched in September 2018, Utah's ODR system is available to litigants who have small claims disputes that involve $11,000 or less. Money Claim Online: A U.K. government internet-based service for claimants and defendants in England and Wales to make or respond to a money claim on the internet Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ODR Pilot: A pilot in the Australian province to explore whether online dispute resolution will increase access to justice China's online courts: China's first internet court was established in the eastern city of Hangzhou in 2017, and China says millions of legal cases are now being decided online, according to Voice of America. Michigan Court Traffic ODR project: Courts in the U.S. state began to use ODR to let people contest and resolve traffic tickets online in 2014, according to the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution. Proud member of the PIA Toronto | 1-866-685-3311 | Consultation Offices in: Barrie | Hamilton | Kitchener | St. Catharines

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