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Page 10 of 63 11 "There are two problems with the access-to- justice conversation. What does access to justice mean? And when are we going to get there?" OSGOODE'S PART-TIME PROFESSIONAL MASTERS OF LAW WINTER 2020 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN. For the lawyer who wants to dig deeper and truly excel in what they do, the commitment goes beyond billable hours. Immerse yourself in a rich learning environment that puts you with highly engaged and inspiring peers who are as passionate about what they do as you are. Specializations starting in January 2020: · Administrative Law · Business Law · Constitutional Law · Criminal Law · Energy & Infrastructure Law Canada's leading Professional LLM for lawyers, executives and experienced professionals Learn more about your options at Sandra Dzever, JD, LLM (Administrative Law) Associate Lawyer, Seligman Law Outside Toronto? All specializations can be completed remotely. people were saying that we needed to do something about family law. There were minor regulatory and legislative changes, and we put them through. The system still wasn't working. We decided when we started LIZ to do a family community collaboration. The Avanti Foundation and the Law Foundation of Ontario provided LIZ resources and co-ordinating ability. A group of experts got together and then there was a lot of hard work. So, the announcement gives a date of May 25, 2020 for getting Ontario "access to a faster, simpler and more affordable approach to family resolution." It says this tool is the first of four parts. What's the overall goal of presenting it that way? There are two problems with the access- to-justice conversation. What does access to justice mean? And when are we going to get there? Well, guess what, the profession doesn't give you an answer to that other than more judges, more lawyers, more money. Well, we have added all of that — lawyers, judges and money — over the decades, but we aren't seemingly closer to access. If you don't know where you are going or when, you will never get there. The announcement says that Neota Logic and YouX Ventures provided the technology and related expertise. What is the technology and what does it do? Neota Logic is an internationally known company for artificial intelligence, machine learning and no-code app building. It allows you to program in questions and answers, like a sophisticated decision tree. The company has been doing these kinds of projects for many years, with a number of law firms and lawyers in the U.S. and other private corporations. And YouX is user design — they make sure when you release the platform it is much more user-friendly, and they are based in Toronto. So, what now? What's the strategy to get people using this tool? You can't go into a room these days where somebody doesn't know somebody who is involved in family breakup. It touches everybody.

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